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Crimea: Peninsula on the Black Sea

Crimea is the name of the Ukraine's diamond-shaped peninsula that juts out into the Black Sea. Crimea is one of the most fascinating corners of Ukraine, with the most varied scenery and climate, the most ancient history, and the greatest opportunities for tourism. The climate of the Crimea's South Shore is near-mediterranean, making Crimea's beaches a prime vacation destination for millions of Ukrainians and Russians and growing numbers of foreigners each year. Health resorts abound on the peninsula, which is famous for its mineral waters as well as wines. Just a few kilometers from the Black Sea, the Crimean Mountains rise to 1500 m above sea level.


Alushta is an administrative district of Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Ukraine. Alushta is one of the most ancient populated areas of the Southern Coast of Crimea (known from theVIth century). But it obtained an official status only 100 years ago in 1902. Alushta today is a center of resort zone which is more than 80 km long. The town is situated in the vastest valley of the Southern Coast. Mountains surround Alushta as in amphitheater and step back from the Black-Sea 5-10 km. Population is 40000 in accordance with the last official data. Presented nationalities are Russian, Ukrainian, Tatar.

Getting to Alushta

Crimea's transportation hub is Simferopol. Here is Ukraine's only airport (timetable in English) with flights from other Ukrainian cities and a few international destinations, and this is where most people get off the train to travel to Yalta and Crimea's South Shore. Planes fly to Simferopol from Kyiv Zhuliany airport every day and cost between $35 and 60 USD one-way. Train tickets are much cheaper - around $7 USD for third class, $10 for second, and $20 for first. All the trains are overnight (14-16 hours) and have beds for sleeping (more on traveling by train in Ukraine).
The distance from Simferopol Airport to Alushta is 65 km. You can get to Alushta by car, in a taxy or a cab, by bus or trollybus. The distance from the Simferopol Railroad to Alushta is 60 km. You can ride in a car, take a taxi or a cab, by bus or trollybus.

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